Award Structure

The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award operates under The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation. The Foundation has Regional offices in:

  • Africa
  • America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe, Mediterranean & Arab States (EMAS)

New Zealand is part of the Asia Pacific Region

The President of the Award in New Zealand is His/Her Excellency The Governor-General of New Zealand.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award Board of Trustees has a governance role for running the Award under licence issued by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation.

The Board guides Award policy covering the following areas: finance and administration, standards, delivery and compliance.The current Board of Trustees is comprised of Chairman Prue Kelly and trustees Richard Chilton,Jillian Friedlander and Mason Stretch.

The co-ordination of Award activities and the day-to-day running of the Award is the responsibility of the National Award Office. Apart from providing a direct link with the Board, the National Award Office is available to advise Award Units and participants. The National Award Office supplies all Award Record Books, Award Handbooks, Certificates, Badges, and promotional material.

National Office Staff Are:

National Director: Karen Ross

Training and Development Director: Andy Woodhouse

Gold Award Administrator: Marie Wilson

Office Manager: Jessica Zanetti



  1. Increased number of participants enrolled, retained and achieving one or more Award levels
  2. Effective support structure/interface for Award participants
    Quality training - Award leaders, assessors, trainers, delivery partners, participants
  3. Effective networks with all stakeholders
    Effective marketing and brand awareness
    Developed and maintained quality relationship with key sector organisation (eg MSC, MYD)
    Effective partnerships with Award providers
  4. Effective and well-administered national structure
    Financially secure organisation


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