Frequently Asked Questions

Will completing the Award help me to get a job?

Yes! The Award is a great thing to add to your CV as it provides people with many of the skills employers are looking for including communication, reliability, decision making, confidence, team work and leadership. It also gives you some real life experience to talk about in job interviews. The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award website has some great information as to how it achieves this.

I’m not quite 14, can I start The Award?

There are some circumstances where this may be possible. You will need to talk to your Award Leader (the person running the Award at your school, Scouts, Guides etc.) about this. The earliest possible start date (under specific circumstances) is 13¾.

What is the Online Record Book (ORB)?

ORB is a new system allowing participants to record and track their various Award activities at Bronze, Silver and Gold level and, once the sections and the Award level is complete, submit it for review to the Award Leader and then to the National Office. ORB clearly shows a participants progress. Attachments (assessors reports, Adventurous Journey Stickers, certificates etc.) can be uploaded and filed with your Award electronically.
If you are interested in learning more about using the ORB instead of paper books please contact us.

Can young people with a physical disability do the Award?

Yes - because the targets that they set will be ones that they can achieve. The activities within the four Sections will be ones that are within their capabilities.

Can I do the same activity for each LEVEL of the award?

You can if there is the opportunity for you to improve. Having said that, we would encourage you to challenge yourself to do something new if possible.
Why not try something you have never done before?

How many hours of activity must I do each week for the Skill, Service and Physical Recreation Section?

You must do, on average, 1 hour per week on each of the three Sections (Skill, Service and Physical Recreation). However, you can also do 2 hours every 2 weeks or 4 hours every 4 weeks. No more than 4 hours can be counted towards your Award in any 28 day time period.

  • If you are doing a Section for 3 months than it is a minimum of 13 hours of activity.
  • If you are doing a Section for 6 months than it is a minimum of 26 hours of activity.
  • If you are doing a Section for 12 months than it is a minimum of 52 hours of activity.
  • If you are doing a Section for 18 months than it is a minimum of 78 hours of activity.


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