The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Forum 2015, Toronto

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Forum takes place every three years. It is an opportunity for people who deliver the Award on a national basis (National Award Operators), from 132 different countries to discuss the development of the Award. 

John May, Secretary General, addressed the Forum on Friday saying; 

"We are the people we’ve been waiting for.

I have no doubt that you have similar conversations every week. There’s a growing awareness in governments around the world that learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. That a concentration over the last 30 years of educational reform on academic qualifications, to the exclusion of the wider non-formal educational curriculum, has led to young people leaving school poorly equipped for life and work. 

To be equipped properly for life, young people need to develop the qualities of perseverance, grit, curiosity, optimism and self-control. Economists might describe these qualities as non-cognitive. Psychologists might call them ‘personality traits’. To the rest of us, they’re just known as ‘character’ and the development of character is the business of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. "

You can read his full address here

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