Adventurous Journeys Overseas

If you are thinking of going overseas for your Adventurous Journey there a few things you will need to know before you get too far with your planning:

First of all, there are some accredited providers who already do trips that will count and they are to be found here.

N.B. All of these providers require that you have completed your adventurous journey training and practice in new zealand before you go and can provide evidence of this before your qualifier is signed off.


If you are planning your own trip please take into account the following:

  • It is best to contact us as soon as you have the idea of where you want to go so we can advise, in principle, if we would be likely to approve your trip.
  • We will need to see your trip plan so that we can issue an approval number (or not) at least 6 weeks before you go, (your coordinator will have a form for this in their coordinator's kit).
  • You need to have completed your training and practice before you go.
  • You may need to do some local re-skilling to ensure you are equipped to meet the differing demands of the country you are going to.
  • Most DofE countries (and there are over 130 of them) will need to be notified that you are coming and may have their own approval systems.
  • If you are going to a non-DofE country you must obtain local knowledge well in advance.


If you are doing your Award in another country, but wish to do your Adventurous Journey in New Zealand you should be aware of the following information:

  • June-September is winter in New Zealand. It can get very cold with snow, swollen rivers and avalanches.
  • The Award in New Zealand does not organise Adventurous Journey trips. However, it may be possible for us to link you up with an Award Unit through which you can complete your Adventurous Journey.
  • We require that you complete the Gold Adventurous Journey training and practice here in New Zealand, before doing your Qualifying Journey (even if you have already completed them in your own country). The New Zealand geography and climate is different to other countries and can be dangerous if people and not properly prepared.
  • Please read our Adventurous Journey Guide and contact us if you have any further questions.




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