Outward Bound and The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award

We have an arrangement with Outward Bound whereby we accredit your attendance on the 21-day "Classic" and the "Mind, Body and Soul" course towards your Award. 

An Outward Bound 21 day course can be used for:

  • Your Residential Project (at Gold).
  • Your Adventurous Journey training and practice (at Bronze, Silver or Gold).
  • If you are a Direct Entrant to Gold (have not completed Bronze or Silver) it can count as all 3 of your Adventurous Journey training and practices. 
  • The Outward Bound 21 day course cannot count as your Adventurous Journey Qualifying journey at any level of the Award. 

There is no need to notify Outward Bound in advance that you will be using their 21 day course for part(s) of your Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award. Just remember to take along your Record Book (or photocopy the appropriate pages) and get them to sign it off once you are there. A certificate of attendance is also sufficient. 

Did you know that  Kurt Hahn, the man who started the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, also started Outward Bound and the International Baccalaureat?
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