Adventurous Journey

The aim of the Adventurous Journey Section is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery. As well as encouraging individual qualities, Adventurous Journeys should also encourage young people to develop an awareness of the environment and the importance of protecting it.

Adventurous Journeys are undertaken on foot, bicycle, on horseback, in canoes etc. without motorised assistance.


All participants are required to plan, train for and undertake in small groups (4-7 people plus an assessor/shadow party), a journey which should involve travel by personal effort with a clearly defined purpose.

This should be completed in the following order:

  1. Training - all participants need to cover the preliminary training
  2. Practice Journey - all participants need to undertake the appropriate number of practice journeys
  3. Qualifying Journey - Please see the table below for requirement





2 days 1 night

3 days 2 nights

4 days 3 nights

Planned activity

minimum 6 hours daily

minimum 7 hours daily

minimum 8 hours daily

Suggested Minimum Distances for a group of average fitness on moderate terrain


20 km

40 km

65 km


120km sealed roads 80km unsealed roads 210km sealed roads140km unsealed roads 330km sealed roads 220km unsealed roads

Horse riding





at least 4 hours daily

at least 5 hours daily

at least 6 hours daily


12 hours planned activity over the 2 days 21 hours planned activity over the 3 days 32 hours planned activity over the 4 days

Types of qualifying ventures

  • Expedition - an outdoor journey with a purpose
  • Exploration - still outdoors but involving some research or exploration rather than just a point to point journey
  • Other Adventurous Projects (Gold only) - where the challenge is outside the bounds of either of the other two types

Suggestions of Adventurous Journey routes

We have a list of tramps within New Zealand that meet our time and distance requirements. If a tramp is on the list it does not mean that we guarantee the state of the track, so please make contact with the local DOC office to enquire about the current track conditions.Please download the suggested Adventurous Journey list here.

If you are planning a cycle trip, the National Cycle Trail website is a good resource. 
Please note that for the Gold Adventurous Qualifying Journey, approval needs to be got from the National Office, even if you are doing a journey that we have suggested. Please also refer to The Award Handbook, the Exploration Guide and the Adventurous Journey Training Manuals.

Accredited Outdoor Providers

These are a list of Outdoor Providers that are accredited to deliver the Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award Adventurous Journey training, practice and qualifying journey at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.

Overseas Adventurous Journeys

If you want to do your Journey overseas or, if you are from overseas, you can find out more information about completing your Adventurous Journey here in New Zealand  then please go here . 

Find out more

The following websites will give you additional, up-to-date information about weather and track conditions.

For information on outdoor incidents and reporting please refer to the following website.

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