Gold Exploration in Nepal

Doing her Bronze, Silver and most of her Gold with Potiki Adventures was a life-changing experience for Jessikha Leatham-Vlasic but what came next, being awarded a scholarship to do her Gold Adventurous Journey in the Everest Region of Nepal, was something else entirely!!

Jessikha said she felt pretty excited about winning the scholarship but the night before she left it really hit home just what a massive experience this was going to be.

"I wasn't aware of quite how many other people were going until I got to the airport...we soon started to get to know each other though".

Once in Nepal the group had some time to acclimatise and get to grips with Nepal as a culture.

"The people were just awesome but it was so different ftom Auckland, some things were good and some not so good".

During the 21 day trip Jessikha completed her Gold Exploration, as did many of the other participants, all in their separate tramping groups. They also planted seedlings at a nursery set up by Everest Treks and dedicated to reforestation of the area.

"We planted so many seedlings....and then we saw how many were still to go but we felt good that we had made a difference".

The group also visited a Monastery and had an audience with the Llama.

"The cultural and spiritual aspects were the highlights for me, the Llama was such a calm and wise person, it had a huge effect on me!"

Jessikha has now got used to being back in New Zealand and is carrying on with her studies but recommends that all young people should do a major long-haul trip, at least once in their lives.






jeff edbrooke

29 July 2011

Looks like a great trip.

Nepal definitely looks to be an amazing area

Phillipa Fiori

29 July 2011

Fantastic experience Jess! You are soo lucky!

Marley Bebb

29 July 2011

Oh boy! That's just what I wana do!!! Looks amazing :-)

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