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"I’ve had a great time completing this Award and would definitely recommend anyone gives it a go. My highlights were the tramps - they were always a good laugh with some great people - and the Residential Project for Gold - Hands on Science 2015 was a blast."

We caught up with Zoe Smith who received her Gold Award this year. And asked her about her experience and to find out a bit more about her Residential Project - Hands on Science 2015 with Otago University. Read more here...

"My most poignant memories of doing the Duke of Edinburgh programme were doing the adventurous journeys; of our trials and triumphs as we tramped through our beautiful national parks - the struggles of climbing towering bluffs, conquering the cold, navigating the backcountry, the camaraderie of evening card games, and reaching the next hut at the end of a long day. "

Matthew attended and completed his Gold Award with Kristin School, read about what he got up to here...

"The Award was a very rewarding experience for me; I gained many skills I wouldn’t have without doing it, such as communication, planning and organising, and also confidence from the different areas of all 3 levels." 

Beckie completed her gold in 2015 from St Hilda's Collegiate School, she got involved in a real mix of activities that made her Award experience unique and varied. Read more here...

"The DofE Hillary Award taught me invaluable life lessons to aim high and persevere in the face of difficulty."

Sam completed his gold in 2015 from Fielding High School, he participated in a wide range of activities that made his Award experience unique. As Vice-President (Head Boy) of the Fielding High School Council this is a great achievement. Read more here...




At the recent Gold Award Ceremony held in Dunedin, Blue Mountain College showed that although they may be a small school, they can still reach Full Potential! read more

Witi's story is not for the faint-hearted but is an excellent example of how The Award can change peoples lives for the better.


Read about it here

Open Award Centre Service activities


Read about D.O.E.S.T

Jessikha Leatham-Vlasic was the lucky recipient of a scholarship to undertake her Gold Qualifier in the Everest Region of Nepal.

Read about Jess


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