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Afoot - Guided Walks and Treks


Adventurous Journey Provider/ Service Provider

Afoot provides both classroom theory and practical training at all levels of the Award and practice and qualifying Adventurous Journeys.  These can be provided for a specific individual school programme or be put together with students from a variety of schools.  Afoot is an Accredited Award Provider (AAP) with The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award.  In total, Afoot has successfully and safely supervised more than 300 journey days last year for students from Hawkes Bay, Palmerston, Gisborne, Wairarapa and Whanganui.

Afoot provides Journeys to a variety of destinations and appropriate to knowledge, experience, and age of the students.

These trips are suitable for international students and groups undertaking DOE Adventurous Journeys.  We also provide Bronze, Silver & Gold level training modules and act as Award Leader for schools and students if required.  We get some great feedback reflecting the challenge but also the enjoyment: -

"The tramp was exceptionally fun.  The views were stunning and the walks long hard and satisfying.  I will certainly be doing Gold Duke of Ed and look forward to the 4-day tramps.  I had an amazing time thank you."  Silver DOE student.

Explorations (instead of Expeditions) are also available for students unable to complete the physical aspect of an Expedition (please refer to the Conservation page for more information). Afoot also organises Adventure and Initiative Races for camps and leadership courses.

To see how Afoot can help you with your Award check out the Partner Brochure


DOC requirements for access to DOC land and use of DOC facilities, and the need to ensure the safety of our guides/instructors, mean that we now require all participants on Afoot trips to be fully vaccinated.

All Afoot guides/instructors are fully vaccinated.

Adventurous Journeys 2021 - 2022

Download the consent form here

Available dates are all on the Afoot webpage.

Training for Bronze & Silver sessions are held to cover either of both of the classroom theory and practical parts of the syllabus.

Please note that if training, as per the Award requirements, has not been completed and no evidence entered the ORB, before the Practice Journey, the activity will not fulfil the Award requirements, and the Award will not accept the Journey activity.

For Journeys and Training groups can be made up of students from different schools (our preference) and a mixture of male/female.

Contact us by email or phone to discuss these, or other, options.

Conservation Activities with Afoot

Afoot is part of the Hawkes Bay Wilding Pines Community Group which is an entity specifically set up with DOC to manage wilding pines in The Lakes area of the Kawekas.  This is a particularly beautiful and sensitive part of our conservation estate of 98 hectares that we hope to clear completely of wilding pines.  This is part of DOC's plan to shield the Ruahines particularly, but also to control spread within the Kawekas, from wilding pine infestation.

DOC Info on Wilding Pines

With groups of about 10 volunteers, we can clear roughly 1,000 wilding pines in a relatively leisurely day. After 2 volunteer days as of 8th December we have cleared approximately 2,000 pines with 66 hours volunteer time.  We'd love your help to protect this special part of Hawkes Bay.  Contact us at [email protected] or find us on Facebook.

Future dates and details of the different activity days are listed on the website (these are updated regularly).  We can also put together a bespoke day for groups that may wish for a specific date.

We do require consent forms prior to participation.  Students either direct with your school Award Leader or use the form on the Duke of Edinburgh page.  Alternatively, we will have paper copies of the simple forms on the day.

DOE Service Opportunity at Bronze and Silver Award Levels

Students will volunteer to be trained on how to find and clear wilding pines.  The area also has a line of traps which will also be checked and logged.  This will help control rat, stoat and possum numbers in the area so further protecting flora and fauna.

Price: $25 plus GST per student per trip

Train The Trainers Day with DOC and the HB Wilding Pines Community Group. Join us for a day with DOC learning how to find and to eradicate the wilding pines from this beautiful part of Hawkes Bay.

Bronze & Silver DOE Exploration Adventurous Journey

These activities are designed to meet DOE's requirements for an Exploration.  They are made available by Afoot in conjunction with Hawkes Bay Wilding Pines Community Group for those students who are unable to complete the physical journeying component of a DOE Expedition.

Price: Please contact Afoot for more information

Region covered

Afoot operates under a concession from the Department of Conservation providing experienced guides and instructors for journeys into the Ruahine and Kaweka ranges in the central and eastern North Island.   We work in Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Whanganui, and Central North Island.

A few things that, we hope, set us apart -

  • Small groups - our maximum is eight for one adult guide
  • A female guide always accompanies female groups
  • Pre-set dates per quarter for easier organisation
  • Detailed gear lists, latest photos and other important information is on our website
  • Department of Conservation approved
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Practical approved training modules at all levels


Contact information:

Main contact person – Graham Leech

Contact email – [email protected]

Website address –




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