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After several years of Covid related delays or cancellations, it was exciting to hold our first Award Ceremony since our Covid postponements. The Gold Ceremony marks an exciting celebration of achievement our participants have eagerly anticipated.

Held at Epsom Girls Grammar School on June 11th, we recognised 60 young New Zealanders who have achieved their Gold Award. They joined many other young men and women from across the globe who have shown great commitment and perseverance to gain their Gold Awards.

We know that our Awardees will look back and remember the memories of the Award journey with pride - the moments they were tested, the ones they felt joy, struggles they overcame, moments they discovered something new about themselves or others.

We eagerly anticipate more Gold ceremonies to come this year, and the chance to celebrate our participants’ achievements and stories. See here for upcoming events and check out the Press Release.

An Award Ceremony Worth Waiting For

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