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Award Leaders’ Roles and Responsibilities

Award Leaders are hugely vital members of the Award. In fact, you will be the most important and influential person to our Participants! With regular contact throughout the progression of the Participant’s Award experience, you will be the main communication link and biggest motivator. You also have responsibilities to both the Participant that you’re working with and the Award Operating Authority. It’s an exciting role, full of engagement, fun, stewardship and collaboration, but also has some responsibilities within it listed below to take to heart.

The role of an Award Leader:

  1. Advise, guide and assist young people to participate in the Award.
  2. Provide young people access to registration via the Online Record Book.
  3. Encourage Participants to choose a diverse and challenging range of activities and to reach ambitious goals.
  4. Review and approve of activities set by the Participant for each Section of the Award.
  5. Assist Participants to find suitable Assessors (an adult who is not a family member who has knowledge of their chosen activity).
  6. Assist Participants with using the Online Record Book and logging their activities as required.
  7. Pre-approve and provide a final sign off of all activities, including all components of the Adventurous Journey.
  8. Make a final assessment and approval sign-off when the Participant has completed all sections of the Award. Check all the requirements have been met by participant e.g. assessor reports for each activity, hours complete before sending it through to us for verification.
  9. Encourage Participants to complete their Award and progress to the next level where possible. Keep them excited and engaged with the Award!
  10. Manage the operating of The Duke of Ed within your Award Unit (school/Award centre/National organisation).
  11. Ensure the operation of The Duke of Ed meets the requirements of the Award (with support from us).
  12. Ensure that any documents, collateral, website pages or other items that utilise The Duke of Ed logo meet all requirements (ask us for any support required)!
  13. Have fun and take care of yourself too!
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