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Adventurous Journey in detail


Running a training day

If you’re planning to run a training day for your Unit, please read the preparation and training section in the handbook p90 - 93


Running your own adventurous journey

The Adventurous journey manuals are also a great resource for running an actual adventurous journey.

For route specific information, the website.

  is a goldmine of information, with a great plan your trip tool.

Don’t forget to check the weather with before you go.

Adventurous Journey Providers

Your Unit may not be in a position to run an Adventurous Journey. There are a wide range of providers throughout the country, from Bigfoot Adventures in Auckland to Outward Bound in the Marlborough Sounds. 

See our comprehensive list here


Online training for the Adventurous Journey

Participants have the option of doing their training for their Adventurous Journey online for their Bronze and Silver Award through Peak Performance Solutions .

Before signing up to do your training online, check with the organisation you are going to do your practice and qualifying journey with.  Some providers require you to complete their own training.


Adventurous Journey Gear List

A gear list of everything you need for your next adventure here, thanks to our partner


Useful Guides

 Day Walking Guide from Mountain Safety Council

 Multi-Day Tramping Guide  from Mountain Safety Council


Adventurous Journey Supervisor, Assessor and Instructor

The International Handbook for Award Leaders (page 87-89) defines four roles in the Adventurous Journey  - the Award Leader,  Instructor, Adventurous Journey Supervisor and Adventurous Journey Assessor. In New Zealand these roles are often one and the same, with the adult that delivers the Adventurous Journey training, and who goes on the Adventurous Journey with the group often acting as the Instructor as well as the  Supervisor and Assessor. The Online Record Book separates the roles of Supervisor and Assessor and the different Adventurous Journey events (Practice and Qualifying) are signed off according to the role description in the Handbook.

To help clarify this we suggest that the adult who is going on the Adventurous Journey as the Assessor, and who will write an assessor’s report for the participant, be listed as both the Supervisor and Assessor in the Online Record Book.


New Zealand requirements for supervision of Adventurous Journey Groups here


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