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Gold Award a soul fulfilling journey for Afiq

Meet Afiq Padman. Afiq grew up in a small fishing village in the south of the Malaysian Peninsular where he spent his time observing insects, birds and fishes in their natural surroundings. His father worked hard to provide for the family, however there was little money. At age 16, Afiq's father died suddenly. Amid these challenging times Afiq lost his family home and he struggled to continue to attend school.

Afiq's aunt and uncle offered him a home and supported him to come to New Zealand to take part in the Outward Bound New Zealand 21 Day Classic, enrol in an outdoor training course at Otago Polytechnic and register for his Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award.

This proved to be a life changing experience for him. Taking up activities such as pakour, rock climbing and photography as well as being challenged in the outdoors helped him develop characteristics such as humility, consideration for others, commitment towards the success of the team and self-motivation.

 Afiq summarises that "overall, the hours put into this Award at the Gold level has been a soul fulfilling journey. In meeting the requirements of the Award, I was able to interact and enjoy the magic of New Zealand's natural landscape as well as have positive interactional experiences with people... I hope my story will serve to encourage others to pursue their dreams in this land called New Zealand, which gave me an incredible opportunity to experience the beauty and magic of Mother Nature while striving to achieve all that was possible for a small town boy from Peninsular Malaysia".

 Congratulations Afiq for achieving your Gold Duke of Ed!

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