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Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award



Young New Zealanders who attain Silver have invested a minimum of six months to achieve this Award.  The Award involves giving service to the community, developing new skills, a commitment to physical well-being, and the training, planning and undertaking of a journey or exploration in the outdoors.


The Award is a challenge and through the journey of gaining my Silver Award, I have:

    • become equipped and empowered to achieve my personal best
    • learnt to take responsibility for my own personal goals and choices
    • learnt to assess risk
    • become connected to and actively engaged within my immediate community
    • made a real difference to society through my positive contributions and involvement
    • learnt to persevere and overcome barriers to success
    • learnt important real-world life skills
    • increased my career opportunities


In  achieving the Silver Award I have:

    • spent at least six months improving my health and fitness through regular physical recreation
    • spent at least six months improving on an existing skill or learning a new skill
    • spent at least six months volunteering my time in the community
    • undertaken suitable bush craft training, including a practice journey or exploration
    • planned for and undertaken a three day, two night overnight journey or exploration with purpose in the outdoors as part of a small team


The attributes I can now demonstrate:

    • confidence and self-reliance
    • resilience and determination
    • working as part of a team and establishing positive relationships
    • planning and problem solving
    • self awareness, managing my feelings
    • communication skills
    • personal and social well-being
    • civic competence
    • the ability to work in different cultural settings and adapt to changing circumstances



Whāia te mātauranga hei oranga mō koutou

Seek knowledge for the sake of your wellbeing

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