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Bushworks NZ

Bushworks.NZ ltd. is a privately run company that seeks to further the outdoor experiences of people in the New Zealand. We offer trips that are specifically for people participating in the Duke Of Edinburgh's Hillary Award, either a participant in the Award or an instructor / coordinator looking for more experience.

Our aim is about challenging young people to be the best that they can be in a safe environment. It gives you the opportunity to discover what your personal strengths are and how to overcome your weaknesses. It is all about us helping you to help yourself so that you have the ability to deal with everything life throws at you. What better place to work on these things than in the New Zealand native bush? 

Open Award Centre

Bushworks is an Open Award Centre for the South Island. This means if you live in this area, you can sign up with Bushworks to do your Award. You will be assigned an Award Leader who will assist you.

Adventurous Journey Provider

Bushworks run a range of programmes which covers the training, practice and qualifying journey for all levels of the Award.  Their upcoming Award programmes are advertised on their website. It's as simple as finding the right programme for you and signing up.  

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