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Capital Creative Arts Trust

The Creative Capital Arts Trust (also known as CCAT or See-Cat) is an exciting and dynamic non-profit charitable organisation established to support the creative life and cultural identity of New Zealand's capital city. 

Full of extraordinary arts administrators, seasoned festival producers, and emerging talents their programmes include the annual New Zealand Fringe Festival and the free creative street festival CubaDupa, with experiences always on the horizon. Dedicated to facilitating, enhancing, and developing cultural opportunities in Wellington they always seek out and forge new collaborations and partnerships, and serve as a resource for emerging artists and creative possibilities in the region. 

Creative Capital Arts Trust has two key events every year: CubaDupa and New Zealand Fringe Festival.

  • CubaDupa is a programmed street festival held in March (26th and 27th March 2022) in Wellington's Cuba Street precinct. Combining local and national artists, our focus is on enriching the community with artistic excellence. Offering inclusion, participation and artistic exploration for all, the soul of Cuba St will come to life with an array of curated performances by over artists.
  • The New Zealand Fringe is an open access theatre festival that takes place over three weeks (18 Feb to 12 March 2022) in Venues across Wellington! New Zealand Fringe Festival activates the streets, bars, cafés, theatres, and parks of Wellington for a three-week-long festival celebrating creativity in all its forms. NZ Fringe Festival includes Theatre, Circus, Comedy, Film, Dance, Storytelling, Cabaret + more

You can sign up to volunteer for one or both of these events here HERE


If you volunteer with Creative Capital Arts Trust, you might discover a new passion and potentially a future career.

Perfect fit for someone interested in music, media studies, theatre, and events! We welcome everyone regardless of your background, and we're beyond excited to work with our fantastic Duke of Edinburgh's Volunteers!

Contact: [email protected] or check out:

Capital Creative Arts Trust Partner Brochure

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