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Chip Packet Project NZ


The CPPNZ is a new and exciting organisation here in NZ, and you can be a part of it. Focusing on helping those more vulnerable as well as creating a healthier, cleaner and greener environment by reducing pollution, your volunteering will help you gain experience in both the social and environmental fields. By taking those prolific foil packages (from chips and other foil wrapped products) that otherwise would be discarded in landfills, and repurposing them with the CPPNZ team, you’ll also save lives by creating essential foil survival blankets. CCPNZ make items from recycling crisp packets and landfill plastic to make survival items for the homeless and less fortunate communities. As they are a non profit community organisation and run solely by volunteers, they embrace everyone who is keen to support their mahi.

The activity can be completed at CPPNZ centres, in your classroom, at home or in a team with other students, with other volunteers, by yourself, with your family... It's flexible and adaptable to your life and circumstances.
In a time when we are all so very aware of our planet, the environment and sustainability, turning empty foil packets into something useful reduces waste and provides comfort to those in need. There will be a fusion group available in your area that you can also join if you are looking to meet new people. Talk to CPPNZ to find out more. 

To find out more check out our CCPNZ Partner Brochure 

Watch this video to see how it works:

To see instructions:How to make a survival blanket

Steps to making a blanket

There are Resource Packs available through CCPNZ, so get in touch. 

Talk to your Award Leader to get more information and take a look at and contact Terrena Griffiths, the CPPNZ National coordinator via email [email protected] or phone: 0220 270370



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