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Gasworks Museum is looking for Volunteers. If you have any participants who may be interested please get them to contact Glynn Babington 0212445449 or they can apply via the website on the contact us page.

Gasworks Museum runs solely on volunteer labour, they are desperate for volunteers.

Some of the positions they are seeking help with are below:


Operations Assist:

For safety operations staff should not be working alone, having a
second person on site is essential for safety

If the volunteer wishes they can learn about the operations but
while having a willingness to assist, it is not required, as long as you are present and able to assist if an emergency where to occur or if a second set of hands was required

This position could be ideal for a teenager if they are interested
in old steam machinery etc


Visitor Host:

Greeting and introducing visitors to the site, giving a brief
description of the history of the site.

Collecting of visitor data and entry fee, items for sale etc.

Ensuring visitor safety by warning of site hazards (if required)

Usually one Sunday 5 hour afternoon shift per month



Operating of the boiler and steam machinery

Maintenance of the site plant

Help with answering questions or engaging visitors to the site


Website Development and maintenance:

Assist with developing a new website that is mobile friendly

Maintenance of the website

Easy for people to join up or message us etc

Dunedin - Participant Opportunities for Service at the Gasworks Museum.

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