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The Award and Getting it Right


Getting the timing right
  • For each of the Service, Skill and Physical Recreation sections you should ideally be active for 1 hour every week over a set period (based on your Award level), however you can count a maximum of 4 hours of activity every 28 days towards your total Award requirement.
  • You can only count what you have done since your registration date. This applies to each level.
  • If you are taking a break from your activity or your sport season has ended before you have finished the required time you will need to make up the time later or choose another sport to carry on with.


Choosing your Assessor
  • Family members, including extended family, cannot be assessors
  • Choose your assessor before you start your activity.  They need to personally oversee what you are doing at least once every 28 days, mentor you and monitor improvement over the time of the level you are doing.
  • Your assessor must be an adult with relevant experience to your chosen activity. 
  • The assessors report needs to be specific. It must include confirmation of regular attendance and a comment on your improvement in your activity.  


Adventurous Journey
  • Activities should take place in the following order for the Adventurous Journey section:


Activity Sections:

While there are lots of school activities that can count towards your Award, you can't count anything that is part of your everyday classwork, homework or related assignments. Here is a list of extracuricular activites that fit with the Award sections Extracurricular School Activities


If you are choosing more than one activity for a section you must set it up as a new activity, choose an appropriate assessor and write logs that are relevant to that activity.


Physical Recreation
  • While participating in a sport might require skill, for the purpose of the Award playing sport comes under the Physical Recreation Section only. This includes gymnastics, yoga, dance etc
  • There should be an element of written/theory 
  • Once you have chosen the skill you want to follow we suggest you look at Skills Syllabus to get an idea of what is expected. If the skill you have chosen is not listed have a look at something similar as a guide.
Voluntary Service 
  • It must meet a genuine need. It must not be a vocational or work experience activity, especially for a business or a for-profit organisation
  • Service can be done for neighbours or people in the community (not family members) however, this must once again meet a genuine need. For example, gardening for an elderly neighbour could be counted whereas gardening for a professional couple could not as they should be paying for the work the participant does.
  • Participants cannot get paid for their activities.


It is YOUR job to log your own progress on the ORB, this is not your Award Leaders or parent/guardian's job!


For more information, please check other website pages and talk to your Award Leader. 


In the end it is your responsibility to ensure you are doing the right things for the right length of time - this is YOUR Award.





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