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House of Science

The House of Science are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving scientific literacy for children of Aotearoa. They provide teacher professional development and develop relevant, comprehensive resource kits with all the materials needed to carry out engaging science lessons. The bilingual kits are delivered to schools using a subscription based library system.

The House of Science team, which includes many educators and professionals, has researched and developed a variety of creative resources for promoting positive engagement with science. These include kits for in-classroom teaching, professional development programmes for teachers, out-of-school science programmes, community symposia and guest speakers.

House of Science rely on community involvement on many levels, from volunteering locally to deliver and maintain resource kits. You can complete your Service section of the Award through the many engaging activities on offer at House of Science. There are many locations at which you can register to volunteer, full list on website.

Skills gained by volunteers include organisational skills, attention to detail, time management and interpersonal communication skills. You’ll also learn science safety awareness, maintenance of science resources and resource management.

Expected voluntary hours – Between 2-6 hours per week, 3, 6, 12 months 

Check out their video to learn more about the service, or see how the House of Science can help you achieve your Award in the Partner Brochure.

To get involved talk to your Award Leader, check out their website or contact [email protected]

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