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Kākāriki Journey FAQs


How do I know my activity is green?

To meet the criteria of the Kākāriki | Green Journey, your Voluntary Service and Skills section must have an environmental or sustainable focus. 


How do I record this on the Online Record Book? /how do I sign up?

You sign up through the Online Record Book.  The process is exactly the same as anyone who is doing the Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award.  All you need to do is answer the question - Are you doing a Kākāriki Journey - with a YES


Is this different to normal DofE?

The activity achievement requirements remain exactly the same as a normal Award,  the key difference is that two of the main sections -Voluntary Service and Skills - must have an environmental focus.


I’m doing the Green Award, do I have to do the AJ with other people doing the Green Award?

No, you can do your AJ with any other Award participants.  It doesn't matter if they're doing the Kākāriki Journey or not.


I’m unable to find green activities, can I switch to the normal Award?

Yes absolutely.  Simply email [email protected] and let our National Office know that you're switching to the normal Award.   


My Award Leader doesn’t know what it is, is it a real thing?

Yes, it's definitely a real thing.  Information has been sent out to Award Leaders.  There is also information on our main website and on our social media channels.  Your Award Leader may not have had a chance to catch up with info on the Kākāriki Journey


How can I find suitable ideas for my Kākāriki Journey Skills section?

Check out a range of ideas on our website here.  You can use more than one activity for this section eg: learn how to make beeswax wraps and do a course on making eco cleaning products.



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