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Award credited for giving hope to youth behind the wire


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award (the Award) has been credited with giving hope to young men who are serving time in the Youth Unit at Christchurch Prison.

In May this year, nine young people successfully completed their Award while serving time in the Youth Unit.

When visiting the Youth Unit last week, Josiah Tualamalií, a panel member from the Government’s Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry, acknowledged the positive effect the Award is having on youth offenders.

“My first thought was what’s going on for these young people. They have found hope and achieved some amazing accomplishments.”

“Our inquiry is looking at what can help transform the really difficult situation that some young people find themselves in.”

Dean Rangihuna, the consumer voice on the panel, found his visit uplifting.  “These amazing whanau have looked adversity in the face and have done the hard yards to achieve truly great things.  Gaining Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards are huge achievements.”

Karen Ross, National Director for the Award is thrilled to receive this acknowledgement.  “It’s the reason we do what we do,” says Ms Ross. “The Award is open to every young person in Aotearoa, regardless of their background.  Often those from difficult backgrounds gain the most from the Award, gaining life skills, resilience and hope for their future.”


Read more HERE for more on the findings from the Government’s Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry Team.

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