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Mountain Safety Council (MSC) chief executive Mike Daisley and Karen Ross of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Aotearoa New Zealand (Hillary Award) have signed a statement of intent to partner together. Both organisations are committed to working in partnership to enable the Award participants to prepare for the risks present in outdoor environments.
“We’re delighted to have signed this agreement with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award after many years of working closely on a number of projects.”
“The Award itself has played a vital role in engaging, inspiring and enabling youth throughout New Zealand, and indeed the world, to get outdoors and discover their character in times of adversity.”
“The alumni of the Award always speak fondly of their adventures and will often recount times during the process that they had to overcome adversity and challenge and how much they drew from these lessons in later life,” concluded Daisley.

“A cornerstone of the Award is the equipping of young New Zealanders for promising futures.”
“To partner with an organisation like the MSC whose operations and values equip New Zealanders for their adventures is a partnership we value highly.”
“Together we contribute to the resilience, development, and a viewpoint that reflects the spirit not only of our young people but of all New Zealanders,” said Ross.
MSC and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award have already delivered on a number of highly useful resources which the Award community already use in the planning and development of their ‘Adventurous Journeys.’ Examples of these are the Get Outdoors video series, the Multiday Tramping guide and our recently released interactive tool, Discover Tramping.

The partnership statement of intent signals a commitment from both organisations to work closely together and to actively search out opportunities which will provide youth with the skills, knowledge and experience to make smart, informed decisions when they venture outdoors

Youth the winner in MSC and The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award partnership

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