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Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award focusing on the environment


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award (the Award) are launching a new initiative this week in response to the challenge to better care for our environment.

Young New Zealanders can now do any level of the Award – Bronze, Silver or Gold – with an environmental and sustainable focus – their Kākāriki Journey.  It will see them doing beach clean-ups, predator trapping, learning beekeeping, upcycling, plus much more!

The Award is made up of four sections that participants need to complete – Voluntary Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey.  The activity requirements for participants who opt to do the Kākāriki Journey remain the same, the difference is that their Voluntary Service and Skills sections must have an environmental focus.

National Director, Karen Ross, says this initiative has come about because we asked our participants what they really cared about. Climate change and protecting our environment were top of the list.

“Last September saw over 100,000 young New Zealanders take to the streets to march for climate change. The addition of a climate change curriculum for Year 7 – 10 students this year shows the importance that future generations are educated in this area”.

“We already have many participants focusing on the environment. Gold Award participant Sōrcha Carr helped plan the School Strike for Climate for her Award Voluntary Service. the Kākāriki Journey formally will recognise young New Zealander’s efforts in the environmental field”.

“Now, more than ever before, it’s crucial that we care for our planet.  Evidence of nature in crisis is all around us. Through offering the Kākāriki Journey, our aim is to equip all young New Zealanders with the skills and experience to play an important role in protecting Aotearoa,” ends Karen.


For more information, please contact:
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award                              
Karen Ross, National Director                                   
[email protected]                                          
027 645 6696             



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