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Lumsden sisters keep active during lockdown thanks to the Award

Lumsden sisters, Cassandra (Gold) and Charlotte (Silver) have been adding a few hours to their Awards while in lockdown. 

For the Skills section of their Award, they have been creating mandala rocks.  Using rocks they found while out walking and test pots from the Resene’s Hunger for Colour scheme that they got before lockdown, they have created beautiful rocks to colour up the area outside home.  Some are also destined as gifts and paperweights inside. The girls were in consultation with a local artist for ideas.

“I really enjoyed making these as it is such a relaxing way to paint its very precise and aesthetic. Although they take a while to create the ending result is definitely worth it. I really liked how Resene was doing the Food for Paint Swap as we were able to get some really good colours to make our mandalas stand out,” says Cassandra.

“The mandalas were really fun to do even though they took some time to create. During the lockdown I did a whole bunch of mandala rocks with different patterns and colours,” adds Charlotte.

For the service component they have been honing their sewing skills and creating some reusable bags for a local op shop which will be delivered after lockdown. They will continue with this project as they still have more material to upcycle.

“A way to pass time in lockdown was to make the bags out of pillowcases for the op-shop. It was fun to make them and a great way to reuse the pillowcases,” says Charlotte.

Cassandra said that getting better at sewing has always been one of her goals so making these bags out of old clothes/pillowcases has been a great way to be able to achieve that. They’re quick and fun to make as well as being for a good cause.

The activity that has been taking up the most time is Physical Exercise.  As Aotearoa went into lockdown the girls’ family decided they would walk every day for mental health as well as physical health.  Due to not being able to catch up with their cousin during the Easter break, the aim was to walk the equivalent of Lumsden to Dunedin. This goal was achieved and in fact, the family made it all the way to Moeraki - a distance of around 293km.

“Going into lockdown and knowing that we would have at least four weeks off school sounded great to me. Until it got down to all the schoolwork that needed to be done. Going out on these walks every day was a nice way to leave the work behind and spend a couple hours walking around our quiet town/river with the rest of the family. Our first goal was to get to Dunedin but as the days in lockdown ended up being longer than we thought we managed to “get to” Moeraki Boulders,” says Cassandra.

Returning to the new normal and seeing school friends has been welcomed, but the girls are still keen to carry on with these new activities in their lives.

Cassandra and Charlotte are doing their Award through Northern Southland College in Lumsden.

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