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Managing the Award in a COVID-19 environment


National Office

As you are all aware, we have a different way of managing how we live at present. Currently the Award National Office is operating business as usual as much as possible. While we are now all working from home, it is anticipated that there will be little disruption to the service and response you will receive from the Award.

The method of contacting the Award is the same as always, either through our email – or our phone line – 0800 69 29 27.

The only function which is restricted is issuing certificates and badges, these will be produced and sent out on our return to our offices.


We’ll be flexible with Award Progress

Award progress may be delayed as many of the Award activities that usually happen are temporarily closed.  We’re willing to be very flexible in this changing environment so participants can continue their Award activities in creative ways to keep their Award progress on track.  Participants can find different ways to do their Award while they're based at home.  They can also change activities where needed.  We encourage participants to be creative, and we’ll be flexible.  The International Award have made the following recommendations here


Progressing to the next Award Level

Due to the challenge of completing the Adventurous Journey section at this time, participants are currently able to start working on their Silver Award even if they haven't completed their Adventurous Journey at Bronze or if they are not yet 15 years old (please note your Bronze Skills, Service and Physical Recreation sections must be completed first). This is to give participants the opportunity to continue to work on their Award without being unfairly held back. This is at the discretion of Award Leaders, so it's your call if you want to progress your participants to the next Award Level.


Award Units

Award units/leaders are reminded that each Unit as part of their Licence is required to have a Safety Management System in place.  It’s this Safety Management System you will need to deploy to manage your Units response to COVID 19.  The National Office cannot provide you with guidance in this area.


Wellington and Auckland Gold Award Ceremonies are postponed

The April 2020 Gold Award ceremonies in both Wellington and Auckland are postponed. We we reschedule these ceremonies with Government House when appropriate.


Noho ora mai | Stay well,

Karen Ross, National Director



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