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Taking on the New Zealand Great Outdoors

Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award (the Award) National Director Karen Ross and Heather Grady, Chair of Outdoor Training New Zealand (OTNZ), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to partner together. Both organisations are committed to working in partnership to help Award participants prepare for the risks present in outdoor environments.

“To work with an organisation like OTNZ who will provide our participants with industry standard qualified outdoor instructors to take on the outdoors in New Zealand is a partnership we value highly.”

“While the Adventurous Journey segment is the main area where OTNZ will assist with the Award, OTNZ registered units can also choose to provide the entire Award,” concluded Karen Ross.

“OTNZ is excited to renew this partnership. Our passionate volunteers provide low cost training and shadow journeys. We look forward to new aspects to this partnership for more opportunities to enhance safety and develop young people with the award,” said Heather Grady.

The MOU signals a commitment from both organisations to work closely together and to actively search out opportunities which will provide youth with the skills, knowledge and experience to make smart, informed decisions when they venture outdoors.

Links to OTNZ courses around New Zealand will be on the adventurous journey section of the Award website.



For more information, please contact:

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award                  Outdoor Training New Zealand (OTNZ)

Karen Ross, National Director                                  Heather Grady, Chair

027 645 6696                                                              021 210 9859                               

Taking on the New Zealand great outdoors

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