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Award Leader Training

Physical Recreation

What's it all about?

The Physical Recreation section requires participants to take part in a physical activity in order to improve their performance or fitness, and help balance mind, body and soul.

It can be any type sport, including a school sport - provided that it is not part of the participant's school curriculum, i.e. the sporting activity takes place outside of school hours.

However, it does not have to be a sport, and the participant does not have to join a club either for the activity to count.  General fitness programmes (but not school PE lessons) are allowed provided the participant sets and achieves his or her own bench-marks for improvement. List of examples

How long does it take to complete the Physical Recreation section?

The time requirement differs depending on the Award level, i.e.

At Bronze level = 1 hour each week (or 4 hours every 28 days) over 3 months/13 weeks (note that Bronze participants are required to do an additional three months in one of the following activities: Skills, Service, Physical Recreation. If a participant chooses the Physical Recreation section to do their extra 3 months in, the time requirement for Physical Recreation would become 6 months/26 weeks).

At Silver level = 1 hour each week (or 4 hours every 28 days) over 6 months/26 weeks.

At Gold level = 1 hour each week (or 4 hours every 28 days) over 12 months/52 weeks.

For direct entrants  (i.e. new participants with no previous Award) to Silver or Gold levels, participants need to add 6 months to one section of their choice (i.e. Skills or Service or Physical Recreation)

What's the process?

initial briefing and choice of activity activity and monitoring of progress final review

The final review gives the young person a chance to demonstrate the skills he or she has learned, and the Award Leader or activity coach a chance to learn something about the subject and the participant.

Who approves the participant's activity?

An Assessor must approve the activity in the participant's Online Record Book to show that he or she has completed it. An Assessor is a responsible adult that is not a family member and who has considerable (usually three years or more) knowledge of the chosen activity, or is able to supervise the activity if it is non-skilled.

What are the standards for achievement?

There are no set bench-marking or pass/fail criteria. Participants are expected to determine their own bench-marks for achievement and then work to achieve those to the best of their abilities. For some participants, this may be the first time

that their best has been good enough. However, the expectation is that some form of improvement will be shown over the time period.

What time commitment is required for the Physical Recreation activity?

Participants are required to average a minimum of one hour per week for the Physical Recreation activity, over the applicable months required at their level (i.e. 3 months at Bronze level, 6 months at Silver level, and 12 months at Gold level).

If a participant has done the months, but not reached the hours, they need to continue the activity until the minimum hours are reached.

If a participant has done the hours, but not reached the months, they need to continue the activity until the minimum months are reached.

What happens if the participant plays a seasonal sport?

Participants can use a different sport in the off-season to make up the time requirements if needed.

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