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Award Leader Training

Gold Residential Project Section

What's it all about?

The Gold Residential Project section is only undertaken at Gold level. It provides participants with the opportunity to have a shared, purposeful experience with people they don’t know in an unfamiliar setting.

Gold Residential Project Requirements?

  • Unfamiliar - One of the important requirements is that participants should not know the other people attending the Gold Residential Project. This is done deliberately to remove them from their comfort zone.
  • Gold Residential Project should be at least five days (and four nights).
  • Purposeful activity – The participant should be involved in a purposeful activity while on the Gold Residential Project. This should be for approximately 8 hours each day.
  • Away from home – Participants must be away from home while completing the Gold Residential Project
  • Assessor – Participants must have an Assessor who will mentor and support them to complete the Gold Residential Project and write an Assessor’s report for them upon successful completion.


Gold Residential Project Assessment

The participant must have a suitable Assessor. The Assessor must be an adult with knowledge of the chosen activity who can assess the participant throughout the experience and review it afterwards. They should assess the participant on:

  • Relationship with others on the activity
  • Willingness to show initiative and take responsibility
  • Level of effort and commitment to the project
  • Personal standards (application, punctuality and so on)

Gold Residential Project Examples

  • Personal Training Courses - g. leadership training, youth camps, youth parliament
  • Environmental and conservation project – g. Department of Conservation
  • Service to other people and communities – e.g. working with a charity, hospital
  • Activity based courses – g. crew member on the Spirit of Adventure, outdoor adventure courses such as Outward Bound, Hillary Outdoors
  • WWOOF – volunteering on a farm


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