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Award Leader Training

Voluntary Service Section

What's it all about?

Voluntary Service is all about participants giving their time to help others in the community so that they have a greater sense of the needs of others. It is an opportunity for participants to get out of their comfort zone and engage with a reality that they are not familiar with.


Consistent Effort

As with all Award Sections, the Voluntary Service Section must be completed at regular intervals over a set period (based on their Award level). This is to encourage participants to be engaged in a meaningful way that helps others. Participants should not get paid for their activities. More information about this Section can be found here.


What are the criteria around Voluntary Service placements?

  • Voluntary Service must meet a genuine need. Voluntary Service activity must not be a vocational or work experience activity, especially for a business or a for-profit organisation.
  • Voluntary Service can be done for neighbours or people in the community however, this must once again meet a genuine need. For example, gardening for an elderly neighbour could be counted whereas gardening for a professional couple could not as they are able to pay the participant for the work they do.
  • Voluntary Service cannot be done for a family member.
  • Like all sections of the Award, choosing what or who to volunteer for is a personal choice. Participants should choose a Voluntary Service activity that interests them. This could be something entirely new, or something they may already be involved in.
  • Participants may do a variety of activities however, these activities should be organised under a broad category. For example, a broad category title could be “Voluntary Service to your school,” under which participants could log a variety of activities such as peer tutoring, recycling, road patrol, etc.
  • Participants will need to have a suitable Assessor who will mentor them throughout their Voluntary Service activity and write a report upon conclusion of the activity.


Types of Activity

There are many people and organisations that are willing to provide participants with opportunities to volunteer with, or for, them. Participants should be encouraged to research in their local community to find an opportunity that interests them. Some examples include:

  • Volunteering in a not-for-profit rest home
  • Coaching a sports team
  • Conservation or environmental work
  • Working in an opshop
  • Youth leader for Scout, Guides, church group etc.
  • Emergency Services such as Youth Search and Rescue, Surf Lifesaving etc.
  • Supporting an elderly neighbour
  • Supporting a local charity with social media or their website
  • Peer tutoring



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