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Award Leader Training

Skills Section

What's it all about?

If you think more than you sweat, it's a Skill!

The Skills Section is about developing an interest or talent, whether this is musical, technical, creative, academic, artistic or cultural in nature. Skills Section activities should not be physically demanding; for example, dancing, gymnastics, yoga (these activities should be done for the Physical Recreation Section). While participating in a physical activity may require skill, for the purpose of the Award playing sport/doing physical activity comes under the Physical Recreation Section only. The Skills Section is about trying to learn something, get better at it and improve mental ability.

Consistent Effort

As with all Award Sections, the Skills Section must be completed at regular intervals over a set period (based on the Award level). See for more info on these requirements.


What are the criteria around the Skills Section?

  • Participants will need to have a suitable Assessor who will mentor them throughout their Skills Section activity and write a report upon conclusion of the activity. For activities primarily done at home, the Assessor should see the participant doing the activities, and/or do the activity with the participant on a regular basis (on average every 2-4 weeks).
  • A realistic goal(s) should be set and should be achievable for the participant.
  • A Skill must not be something the participant is already using for school credit or a family chore.
  • Participants should choose a Skill activity that interests them. This could be something entirely new, or something they are already involved in.
  • If more than one Skill activity is used, then these must be set up as separate activities under the Skills Section and a suitable Assessor must be chosen for each activity.
  • The Skill activity must be predominantly done in the participant’s leisure time.
Types of Activity
  • Arts – drawing, photography, art appreciation
  • General – computing, cooking, drama, web design, chess
  • Music – playing an instrument, singing
  • Transportation – driving, flying, gliding
  • Communication - languages, public speaking, reading, writing
  • Crafts – knitting, pottery, fashion design
  • Environmental – upcycling, growing vegetables, plant identification



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