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Papa Taiao Earthcare


Our mission is to ensure every young person who wishes to design and contruct a better future through learning for sustainability has the opportunity to do so.

Our vision is to empower, upskill and inspire rangatahi to contribute to a sustainable future by developing enterprises that provide secure livelihoods, connect communities and regenerates ecosystems. 



How Papa Taiao Earthcare can help you gain your Award

Papa Taiao Earthcare is a sustainability and ecological restoration training organisation that enables young people to lead enterprising social, cultural and environmental projects while gaining NCEA qualifications and earthcare skills.

With bases in Wellington and Northland, Papa Taiao Earthcare operates as an independent Award Unit. You can register under their umbrella to do the Award and work on all sections of the Award through Papa Taiao Earthcare programmes.  Once you've committed to doing the Award, you log all your progress online on our Online Record Book.



Find out more

To find out more, talk to the team at Papa Taiao -

Main contact person - Miriam Sherratt

Contact email - [email protected]

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