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Practice Journeys

Participants must undertake sufficient Practice Journeys to ensure that they can complete their Qualifying Journey safely. The emphasis here is on 'sufficient'. There is no set requirement on the number of Practice Journeys that should be undertaken. However, the Award recommends an approach that incrementally introduces participants to the demands of the outdoors, so that the Practice Journeys can be used as both learning and conditioning experiences.

Practice Journeys are not just a 'tick-box' exercise. They are a necessary part of any Adventurous Journey, as participants need to show that they have the ability to be self-reliant and safe in their chosen environment.

By the end of their Practice Journeys, participants should be performing at the standard they will be assessed against for their Qualifying Journey. If the group is not performing well at one or more aspects of the Practice Journey, they should be retrained, and taken on another Practice Journey as participant safety is always the top priority.

Note that the hours and effort required for a Practice Journey should be equal to the requirements for the Qualifying Journey, and that the route and mode of transport for both should be the same or similar.

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