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Driving can be used as a skill for any level of the Award (Bronze, Silver, Gold). If the participant has never driven or done any car maintenance they may class themselves as a 'beginner driver' regardless of their Award level. If the participant has prior knowledge they need to discuss their appropriate driving level with their assessor.


Changing a Tyre


Beginner drivers should be able to pass the written test for a learner driver.

Plus choose one of the following:

  • Using a vehicle they are familiar with, they will be able to: check and replenish the fluid levels, demonstrate changing a tyre using correct safety precautions, identify the items required to pass a Warrant of Fitness (to the standard stated in the Road Code).
  • Take responsibility for 'grooming' the vehicle for 6 months and demonstrate correct use of car care products, identify the items required to pass a Warrant of Fitness (to the standard stated in the Road Code).
  • Assemble a basic First Aid kit and demonstrate basic First Aid skills (for Bronze only).



Intermediate drivers should have passed the practical test for the Restricted Driver's Licence. 

Plus choose one of the following:

  • Plan and drive a journey of approx 150km - demonstrate a detailed knowledge of map reading - discuss the importance of pre-trip checks and journey planning.
  • Research and report on a group such as SADD (Students against Drunk Driving) or MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving) or a similar group.
  • Demonstrate the correct method of using jumper leads and of towing another vehicle.
  • Research the costs involved with operating a motor vehicle, research insurance options, and discuss with their Assessor. 
  • Answer simple questions on the basic principles of the operation of a four-stroke engine.


The more advanced should.

Choose two of the following:

  • Have completed the requirements for the full driver's licence.
  • Have graduated from a Defensive Driving Course or Course of Advanced Driving Instruction.
  • Research the causes of traffic accidents, present a report on the findings and discuss their findings with their Assessor.
  • Demonstrate the ability to load and manoeuvre a trailer. The load to be secure and within regulation dimensions.
  • Demonstrate changing the oil, air and fuel filters.


Important information for all levels.

1. Once you have gained your Full Licence we allow a further 2 months to complete the other tasks required. You may not continue to use Driving as your Skill after this period, however, your skill can change to; gaining a different class of motor vehicle license, car maintenance or mechanical skills, or similar.  

2. While we realise that a parent will probably be the person most involved with teaching you to drive, your assessor needs to be someone that isn’t related to you, has driven with you at least once a month over the time chosen and has held a full licence for at least 5 years.

3. Please provide the completion dates for each level you have passed. i.e. Learners, Restricted, Full Licence.

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