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Progress in learning a language being studied as part of fulltime education will not be recognised as qualifying for the Award.

Before starting, participants must give their tutor, instructor or expert assessor, reliable evidence of any ability to speak, read and/or write the language and of any knowledge they may have of the people and country concerned. Assessment should be based on progress made rather than on the standard reached. The assessor should compare the individual's initial skill (if any) with that shown at the end of the required time.

At any level:

  1. Show evidence of improved pronunciation, wider vocabulary, greater grammatical accuracy and increased knowledge of the country and people to whom the language is native.
  2. Describe how progress has been achieved eg attendance at voluntary classes, using recorded courses at home and/or private reading and study.
  3. Participants should produce evidence of sustained correspondence with someone in the country whose language they are learning. The participant should have written an average of a least one letter per month. Copies of these letters and of any replies received should be produced. Letters written by participants may be partly in English but should contain some attempt to write the language being learnt OR give evidence of at least two weeks' travel or residence in the country whose language is being learnt.


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