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Support Evidence and Research

Relating to the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Aotearoa


Award Research and Information

Aotearoa based data sourced research

2021 Social Value Analysis Report - Full Paper 

2020 Social Value Analysis Report - Full Paper


2021 One page summary Social Value Impact Results 

2020 One page Summary Social Value Impact Results  


2020 Participant COVID 19 Impacts Research Report 

2020 Participant Outcomes and Satisfaction Report 

Award participants Community Contributions during Lockdown

Facebook page for the Award in Aotearoa demonstrating COVID activity and recovery activity 

Award Message House Summary


COVID  support information provided to the Award community in Aotearoa


Media Coverage

Xavier helping Love Soup - Hibiscus Matters 20 May 2020 Xavier helping Love Soup

Tauranga student reading for the blind - Bay of Plenty Times 

Duke of Ed work hits the mark - Wairarapa Times Age

Duke of Ed students make a difference in communities -Capital Day

Helping Parihaka Marae - Parihaka_Marae 

Walking New Zealand July 2019


Award video 


Reporting on community specific activity (our disability community)

Manaaki Ability Trust

The Hillary Award at Maranga

Case Study - The Award Shows Anything is Possible


Annual Reports

Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2019 


International Award Research

Study on the outcomes in Correctional facilities

Global Research on the Award Impact


External Evidence

Office of the Children’s Commissioner – What Makes a Good Life

Maxim Institute Research – The case for Character Skills- Research Paper 

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