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Hi all Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Staff, Leaders, Liaison Personnel and Supporters


Many thanks to those who were able to join the DofE West Coast Top of South 2nd Regional Hub Hui either in person or via Zoom. Special thanks to DofEIA-Aotearoa NZ National Director Karen Ross for making a special flight down to Blenheim to give a great presentation at this Hui. Thank you also to those who were not able to join on this occasion, we know that you are all very busy people, so as promised please find below and attached all the information from the meeting including a link of a recording of the meeting itself.


DofE Top of South West Coast 2nd Regional Hub Hui Minutes:

Date: Thursday 10 May 2018

Venue: Scenic Hotel Marlborough (and via Zoom)

Meeting Start: 1600hrs (4pm)

Present: Karen Ross (National Director, DofEIA-Aotearoa NZ), Justin Blacklock (DofE Regional Hub Coordinator – West Coast / Top of the South / Search The Way), Silvia Blacklock (Search The Way), Mark Anderson (Marlborough Boys College), Nicci Leitch (Marlborough Girls’ College). Apologies: Jessica Zanetti (Award Delivery Advisor, National Office, DofE), John Curry (Youth To Everest), Tony Enoka (Waimea College), Yvonne Simpson (Westland High School), Kirsty Morgan (John Paul II High School), Louise Rogers (Queen Charlotte College).

4:00 – 4:10pm: Informal ‘Meet and Greet’ over a brew at Nelson College for Girls staffroom.

4:10 – 4:40pm: ‘Hot seat’ introductions.

Karen gave a great presentation of the Big Picture Overview of DofE – Aotearoa NZ and also an instructional on the new DofE Aotearoa NZ Website (including how to create a post on the Regional Hub forum).

Some general discussion was had by those present (Mark, Nicci, Karen, Silvia and Justin on difficulties in seeking other support Assessors/Supervisors and local suitable locations for Adventurous Journeys. Some discussion held on OTNZ history and opportunities to support Adventurous Journey area.

5:00 – 5:10pm: Justin gave a short presentation on Leave No Trace, followed by Award opportunities for regional participants with Spirit Of Adventure.

5:10 – 5:15pm: Wrap up of meeting and thanks.

YouTube Recording Link of DofE Top of South West Coast 2nd Regional Hub Hui (captured via Zoom):


Updated The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award / Aotearoa New Zealand / Hillary Award website:


“How To Create A Post on DofE Regional Hubs Forum”


Leave No Trace Links and Resources:

The Outdoor Safety Code:


Safety-Tips/ Leave No Trace International:


Their Online Awareness Course (with Certificate)


Leave No Trace NZ:


Courses & Resources: e.g.


DOC Leave No Trace Online Module (No Assessment):


Spirit Of Adventure Info:

Voyages can be used as follows – provided the Training has been completed prior to boarding the ship:

• 10-day Voyages: Practice Journey - Qualifying Journey - Residential - Participants can select any two of these

• 12 day voyages, such as the 2017 Chatham Islands or a Trans-Tasman voyage can be used for all three Practice + Qualifier + Residential.

• Five day ‘Trophy Voyages’ are restricted to under 15’s coming in as a school group of ten, and can be used for Bronze practice and qualifier.

• Silver Participants who are over 16 yrs can do Practice and Qualifier on a 10-day voyage provided Training has been signed off prior to joining the ship.

• Training: It is a requirement that all participants complete the standard outdoor training prior to any practice journey. On the Spirit of Adventure voyages, ship-specific training can only be done on board ship, this forms part of the voyage experience.


Hopefully there is something above that may assist the fantastic work you are all doing in supporting youth in your region to complete a Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. Please let me know if you need any assistance or information on any Award matter and I will do my best to help you out.


I will contact you prior to the next Regional Hub Hui which will hope we can run somewhere on the wonderful West Coast this time (and via Zoom again for those further afield).


If you have any topics that you would like raised or addressed please let me know so I can prepare in advance.


So huge thanks again to you all for the superb service you are giving and all the best for the next leg ahead.


Kind regards



West Coast Top of the South Hub Hui Minutes 10th May 2018

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