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Accredited Award Provider

Each young person doing the Award completes a range of activities to achieve the Award.  These can be initiated by themselves or in same cases through an organisation or group that delivers activities or services suitable to complete Award activity.

These organisations or groups are called an Accredited Award Provider.

Organisation or groups are not required to be accredited to deliver Award or Award suitable services however, those that are licensed are monitored and vetted by the Award.

These providers are listed on the Award’s website and this denotes they meet the quality standard to deliver the activity covered by the licence.  Organisations who are not licensed may not use the Award logo or record Award endorsement.

Licensing an Accredited Award Provider

All licensed AAPs are required to have Child Protection and Safety Management Processes in place and will have a trained Award leader and key staff will be Police Vetted. Award Units and participants working with AAPs are expected to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the AAP's programme in terms of health and safety requirements for activity. Similarly, it is the participant's parent/guardian/carer responsibility to evaluate the safeguarding and health and safety policies the provider.

Being an AAP helps Award Units, Award participants and their parents/guardians/carers identify organisations that have a clear understanding of the Award. AAPs are part of the Award community here in Aotearoa.

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Becoming an Accredited Award Provider

We welcome approaches from organisations or groups who wish to Licence as a provider.  Please follow this link to register your interest.

You will receive a response to your query and if we wish to consider you as a provider an interview/visit will be set-up.

The application process includes a declaration of your Child Protection and Safety Management Systems, training one or more of your staff as a qualified Award leader and these people will be Police Vetted. Once the process is complete you will be Licensed to delivery Award activity.

 Being Licensed means the Award will:

  • List you as a provider on our website
  • Produce a Mahi Taha Ana- Working Together booklet, this will outline how your activities can be used by participants towards their Award.
  • Train and accredit all relevant staff
  • Give access to promotional materials and opportunities and promotions
  • Ensure access to Award staff for ongoing support, and inclusion in Award Hui and contact with the community

We ask that you:

  • Use the Award logo and use reciprocal links to our media
  • Provide branding and images for use and promotion
  • Have your staff actively promote the Award as part of your business.

Accredited providers can deliver activity in each section of the Award, Service, Skills, Physical Activity, Adventurous Journeys or Exploration, and the Gold Residential

Next Steps – Complete the application process

The first step in applying to become an AAP is to complete an Interested Accredited Award Provider form.

  1. The form is reviewed by National Office within 10-working days
  2. National Office staff have meeting with organisation to discuss application and what is involved in being an Accredited Award Provider. Discusses with potential AAP which Award sections they wish to provide and requirements of these sections
  3. Organisation is sent application form, Terms and Conditions, Award Leader Training and police vetting forms to complete
  4. Organisation completes application requirements and also provides the Award with:
  • Two written references
  • Evidence of third-party audit (if running the Adventurous Journey Section)
  1. If application forms and documents meet Award requirements:
  • a site visit by the National Director is arranged with the organisation
  • Organisation is invoiced Accredited Award Provider annual licence fee (if applicable)
  1. Organisation is approved as an Accredited Award Provided and is contacted by the Award’s Communication Team for promotional material.


Being an Award Unit

An AAP can also apply to be an Award Unit if they want to help participants take part in all sections of the Award. There is no additional cost involved however the AAP will need to also complete the Award Unit application form.

 How much will it cost?

For AAPs running the Adventurous Journey and Residential Project sections or those who are a business, there is an annual licence fee of $115 (including GST). If the AAP is a commercial entity there is a $5 per participant per activity fee for each activity done through the AAP (Adventurous Journey Training & Preparation, Practice Journey, Qualifying Journey or Residential). This is paid monthly. More information will be provided with your Licence.



Current list a Accredited Providers

AAP Levy Policy ( to be reviewed before loading)

International Award Handbook

Aotearoa New Zealand Handbook adaptation



Accredited Award Provider Application Process

If you want to offer participants this opportunity then there are 2 types of licence that you can apply for:

  • AAP (Adventurous Journey) This type of licence is for those who want to deliver the Adventurous Journey (Preliminary Training, Practice and Qualifying Journey) Section of the Award to participants who are already enrolled with an Award Unit. AAPs who run this will need to provide evidence of a third party audit from a Worksafe approved audit provider of your Safety Management plan and systems
  • AAP (Other Sections)  This type of licence is for those who want to deliver another Section of the Award, other than the Adventurous Journey to Participants who are already enrolled with an Award Unit.    




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