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Award Leaders


What is an Award Leader?

An Award Leader is someone who works in an Award Unit to run the Award for their youth-based organisation. An Award Leader is the key point of contact, and support, for young people taking part in the Award.


What is the role of an Award Leader?

An Award Leader is responsible for:

  • Registering participants in the Award and helping them get started
  • Mentoring and supporting participants to complete their Award (which can include assisting them to select activities for the different sections of the Award, and finding appropriate Assessors)
  • Signing-off on completed Bronze and Silver activities via the Online Record Book and checking that the Gold activities meet the appropriate requirements.
  • Ensuring that the Award programme meets current requirements and standards
  • Celebrating achievements and presenting participants with completed Awards
  • Supporting participants learning how to use the Online Record Book and log their activities.


Who can be an Award Leader?

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to become an Award Leader, as long as they are a part of an Award Unit. If your school or organisation is not currently running the Award, you can register to become an Award Unit (an organisation/school with a licence to deliver The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award). Anyone wanting to become an Award Leader will need to complete a short online training course and meet the Award’s police vetting requirements.


What are the benefits of becoming an Award Leader?

  • Supporting and mentoring young people to develop new skills including self-confidence, and a greater appreciation of the community and environment around them.
  • Building your own skill set in an Internationally recognised programme
  • Transferable experience to add to your CV


Award Leader Accreditation and Credentialing

The Award is reliant on Award Leaders for the delivery of the Award. One way we recognise this is through a credentialing system which acknowledges the skills, experience and professional development that Award Leaders have undertaken.


Accreditation Process

Award Leaders are required to complete the Award’s online training, comply with the Child Protection process and agree to the Ara Taiohi Code of Ethics before being approved to carry out Award activities with participants. While experience and knowledge are gained by running the Award in their organisation, additional training undertaken, active promotion and growth of participants in their organisation, or an increase of participants completing Award levels and progressing to the next level will be recognised by the Award in this process.


The three levels of accreditation are:

Certified Award Leader

Experienced Award Leader

Senior Award Leader



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