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Deliver The Award

The Award is delivered in New Zealand by organisations which are licensed to do so by the National Office. There are two main types:

  • Award Units - which can include schools, sports and youth clubs, uniformed groups (such as Scouts, GirlGuiding and The Order of St John) and juvenile justice programmes - pretty much anyone who works directly with young people, provided that they are licensed with the National Office. Award Units appoint Award Leaders as the main points of contact for the Award Unit. Their role is to run the Award for their organisation and to monitor, discuss, encourage and motivate participants to reach their goals.
  • Open Award Centres - where participants can go to enrol in the Award and be mentored through the programme if they can't access an Award Unit locally.

Also helping to deliver the Award are our Approved Activity Providers (AAPs) who provide activities for the Adventurous Journey and Residential Project sections, and our Assessors who monitor and assess participants' chosen activities before signing off on them.

The majority of these roles are held by volunteers, and it's these superstars who make the Award possible. Day in, day out, our delivery partners help us to change young people’s lives. Will you join us?







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