Additional benefits and qualifications Award Leaders can access.

Joshua Foundation Ceremony, Award Leader Chris Allen

Additional Qualifications, Support & Benefits


All Award Leaders will receive the following:

  • Award Leader Training – both initial and ongoing
  • Award Leader Accreditation

Optional Training also available
New Zealand Certificate in Outdoor Leadership (Level 4)
Facilitated by Adventureworks, this qualification will provide organisations with individuals who are able to operate independently under indirect supervision, and lead participants in a specific outdoor activity, where the emphasis is on safety, in low technical yet dynamic outdoor environments. Graduates will have specialised knowledge and skills to lead a specific outdoor recreation activity depending on which strand is achieved.

Scholarships may be available; these will be advertised in the Award Leader Newsletter.

More information can be found here.


  • Phone, email and Teams calls support during office hours
  • Monthly virtual workshops
  • Whole country Teams calls


Macpac Discount
Award Leaders can get up to 60% off the RRP of Macpac branded gear at any Macpac store. This deal is available instore only, it doesn’t apply to online purchases.