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Canterbury Region

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Check out these activity options and providers in the Canterbury region (if you haven't been able to find anything through your own Award Unit).

Adventurous Journey

These are the Adventurous Journey options for the Canterbury region:

Adventure Specialties Trust

Phone: 03 348 4547

Email: [email protected]


Bushworks NZ

Phone: 020 407 51906

Email: [email protected]



Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre

Phone: 03 315 7082 or 022 438 2952

Email: [email protected]


Department of Conservation - useful information

DOC Maps


Joshua Foundation - currently based overseas so not taking new registrations

or running Adventurous Journeys at this time

Phone: 03 347 4568

Email: [email protected]


Mountain Safety Council - training videos


Online Training - Peak Performance

Bronze and Silver Online Training

Email: [email protected]


Outdoor Training NZ

Phone: 027 675 3333   or   027 825 1177   or   021 115 2753

Email: [email protected]   or   [email protected]   or   [email protected]


Peel Forest Outdoor Centre

Phone: 03 696 3832

Email: [email protected]


Spirit of Adventure

Phone: 0800 472 454

Email:  [email protected]


Physical Recreation



Residential Project Options - Gold only

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