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Taranaki Region

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Check out these activity options and providers in the Taranaki region (if you haven't been able to find anything through your own Award Unit).

Adventurous Journey

These are the Adventurous Journey options for the Taranaki region:

Department of Conservation - useful information

DOC Maps


Escape Adventurous Journeys

Phone: 021 709 209

Email: [email protected]


Mountain Safety Council - training videos


Online Training - Peak Performance

Bronze and Silver Online Training

Email: [email protected]


Outdoor Training NZ

Phone: 06 753 4302

Email: [email protected]   or   [email protected]   or   [email protected]


Spirit of Adventure

Phone: 0800 472 454

Email:  [email protected]


Taranaki Outdoor Pursuits and Education Centre

Phone: 06 758 0448

Email: [email protected]



Working with the elderly - 

Working with animals - SPCA South Taranaki, SPCA North Taranaki

Working with children -

Conserving the environment -

Other Service Opportunities - Toy Libraries

Physical Recreation



Residential Project Options - Gold only

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