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Can a family member - such as a parent - be an Assessor?

Can I do the Award before the stated ages?

How do I access the Online Record Book?

Do I have to record my activities online?

How do I change Award Units if I need to?

What do I need to do for each level?

What happens if I need to take a break from one of my activities?

Where can I find activities to do for my sections?

Do activities such as Army Cadets or GirlGuiding count if I've registered for the Award through my school?

Can I do the Award if I have a disability or medical condition?

Can I do the Award if I don't have an Award Unit nearby?

What if I can't make it on the Adventurous Journey being run by my school?

How often should I have contact with my assessor?

Can I do more than one activity for each section?

What if I play a seasonal sport that ends before I've finished my Physical Recreation section?

What criteria do I have to meet for my Residential Project?

Why do the activity hours not match the hours I have entered on my logs?

What does it cost?

After how long do the Password Reset, Parental Consent and Assessor 'task' emails expire?

What do I need to do to help stop the Online Record Book emails being detected as spam

Do the Apps still work if I do not have access to the Internet?

Is there a limit to the size of a file I can upload to the Online Record book for my logs?








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