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Award participants can now apply for a range of NCEA credits while they are doing each level of the Award.  These credits are all in the vocational skills area. 

You need to be proactive and apply for these credits at the same time you are completing your Award.  Applying for these credits will require you to complete the relevant assessment.  Some of the assessments have an observation or feedback element that needs to be witnessed and completed in the moment by an adult or peer, therefore participants cannot apply for credits after they have completed their Award. Please note: the adult or peer cannot be a family member.

The cost to have each assessment checked and signed off by our external provider, Capital Training, is  $11 for a 2 credit unit standard, $16 for a 3 credit unit standard and $21 for a 4 credit unit standard.

If you do not pass your assessment the cost for a 2nd Marking is  $5 for a 2 credit unit standard, $7 for a 3 credit unit standard and $10 for a 4 credit unit standard..  You will be provided with written comments of why your assessment failed and what you need to do to pass.

Following is a comprehensive list of the credits you can apply for at each level of the Award.  You can pick and choose which assessments you want to do, you're not required to do all of them. These credits are pass/fail and will only appear on your record once passed.


Please note that these assessments are specifically designed for Award participants only, you are only eligible to complete these assessments if you are currently doing the Award.


Process for applying for credits

1. Choose the Unit standards you wish to apply for

2. Download the Assessment Form and complete it.  Some of the Assessments require observations from an adult or peer (Family members cannot be used).

3. When you've finished your assessment, check that you've completed every section of the form.

4. Send the completed form to us electronically - scan it and email it to

5. Make your payment through our online shop HERE. Make sure you select the correct unit standard from the drop down menu.  We pass this payment on to Capital Training, our external provider.

6. We'll send your completed form to Capital Training who will assess it and will award credits where earnt.

7. The credit you earn will be added to your National Student ID.

8. If your assessment does not pass you can resubmit for assessment at a cost (see above).


Any questions please email



You must have an National Student Number (NSN) to be able to complete these assessments.  Capital Training can issue you with an NSN if you don't already have one.  BEFORE completing any assessments, you must send a verified copy of your birth certificate to Capital Training -


Click on the plus to see the unit standard assessments at each level

Bronze - NZQA unit standards Level 1

All of these assessments have been designed for Award participants, you are only eligible to apply if you are currently doing your Bronze Award.


496 (3 credits) - Wellbeing

Throughout your preparations for your Adventurous Journey you will plan, implement, measure and evaluate a plan to improve your own personal wellbeing. In order to make an effective plan, it is important to be able to describe the effects that different factors can have on your wellbeing.

496 Assessment Form



504 (2 credits) - Generic CV building

Over the course of your Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, you may complete a generic Curriculum Vitae to use for future job applications or a volunteering opportunity. It is suggested that you incorporate the skills and responsibilities that you pick up throughout your Duke of Edinburgh award in to the CV. You may create your own CV or use a template found online.

504 Assessment Form


1293 (2 credits) - Be interviewed in an informal, one to one, face to face interview

During your Bronze Award you may have to interviewed for an activity

1293 Assessment Form
1293 Observer Notes


3503 (2 credits) - Communicating as part of a team with a routine task

In a group of three or more, you are going to need to complete a routine task at some stage during your Bronze Award. This could be during the planning phase of your Adventurous Journey, during your service or as part of a sports team. In order to complete this routine task, you and your teammates are going to need to communicate.

3503 Assessment Form
3503 Observer Notes
4249 (3 credits) - Describe Obligations as an Employee

As you begin to complete your service requirements within the Bronze Award, you will possibly be tasked with acting in capacities and have responsibilities that are in line with employment.

4249 Assessment Form


5946 (3 credits) - Creating a presentation

Upon completing the Adventurous Journey, you must create and deliver a PowerPoint presentation about the Journey and what you learnt. You must present this to your peers and assessor, supervisor or Award Leader.

5946 Assessment Form
5946 Observers Notes



Silver - NZQA unit standards Level 2

All of these assessments have been designed for Award participants, you are only eligible to apply if you are currently doing your Silver Award.


4252 (2 credits)  - Produce a personal targeted CV

Throughout your Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award, it may be prudent to create a targeted CV. This may be for your service or even a part time job after school. Creating a targeted CV requires a job vacancy for it to be targeted towards.

4252 Assessment Form


7118 (3 credits)  - Manage own learning in a programme

Throughout your Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award, you are going to be required to manage your own learning. This includes creating a learning plan with goals at the beginning of the year, sticking to it and measuring it throughout the year and reflecting on it once the year is complete.

7118 Assessment Form


7123 (3 credits)  - Apply a problem-solving method

Throughout your Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award, you are going to come up against some problems that need to be solved. Being able to identify and solve problems will be key during your Adventurous Journey

7123 Assessment Form
7123 Observer Notes
7123 Earthquake Preparation Guide
9677 (3 credits)  - Communicate in a team or group

As part of your Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award, you must complete an Adventurous Journey as a team. It is vital that you communicate effectively and efficiently to ensure the success of your team.

9677 Assessment Form
9677 Peer Feedback Form


10780 (3 credits) - Complete a work experience placement

Throughout your Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award, you are required to undergo a charitable service. If you treat this as a job, you will be able to prepare for it by learning the workplace expectations. You will get a lot out of your service if you set learning goals that you wish to achieve throughout your service.

10780 Assessment Form
10780 Observers Checklist


10791 (3 credits) - Participate in an informal meeting

There are a range of instances where this may happen; with your assessor, during the preparation phase of your Adventurous Journey, as part of your service or in relation to a physical activity. This assessment requires you to be observed participating in an informal meeting. It is good practice to film this, however if that is not viable you can give your observer (the other participant in the informal meeting) the Observer’s Checklist which when completed will be sufficient evidence.

10791 Assessment Form
10791 Observers Notes



Gold - NZQA unit standards Level 3

All of these assessments have been designed for Award participants, you are only eligible to apply if you are currently doing your Gold Award.


1304 (2 credits)  - Communicate with people from other cultures

It is important to be able to communicate with people from other cultures, especially in our increasingly globalised society. We must be able to identify people from other cultures, identify values that are related to communication and possible barriers to communication with people from those cultures.

1304 Assessment Form
1304 Observers Notes


1307 (3 credits)  - Speak to a known audience in a predictable situation

Task One - Upon completing the Adventurous Journey for your Gold Award, you must give a presentation to your peers, family and those involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award that worked with you throughout the year.

Task Two - Upon completing your service, you must deliver a speech in a social setting to your peers, family, your fellow service workers and those involved with the Duke of Edinburgh award that worked with you throughout the year

1307 Assessment Form
1307 Observers Notes
1307 Observers Presentation Checklist
1307 Observers Speech Checklist


2990 (4 credits)  - Read texts to research information

You must use your research skills to put together a survival pack that contains a prescribed list of information.

2990 Assessment Form


9681 (3 credits)  - Contribute within a team or group which has an objective

As a part of your Gold Award, you must complete an Adventurous Journey as a team.  Complete a group of questions prior to starting to work together as a team.

9681 Assessment Form
9681 Peer Feedback Form


9705 (3 credits)  - Give feedback on performance in the workplace

Being able to give and receive feedback is an important part of growing and developing skills throughout your Gold Award.

9705 Assessment Form
9705 Observers Notes
9705 Feedback Template


11097 (3 credits) - Listen actively to gain information in an interactive situation

It is important to listen to other people during conversations and other interactive situations.  In this task you must be observed or recorded listening actively in two different situations.  At least one of the conversations needs to be in person.

11097 Assessment Form
11097 Observer Checklist Interaction 1
11097 Observer Checklist Interaction 2



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