Participant Assistance Fund

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award Participant Assistance Fund


The Participant Assistance Fund has been set up to:

  1. Provide support for participants enrolling to do the Award who find the fee is a barrier.
  2. Offer limited support, on a case by case basis, for Adventurous Journey support.
  3. On a case by case basis we may be able to support in other areas to help a participant complete their Award.

The application for assistance is to be made through and at the discretion of the Award Unit Leader. Need will be determined by the leader and a request made to the National office for assistance.

The types of participant assistance available are;

Top up registration fee - Bronze and Silver $60, and Gold $90 (inc GST)

Full registration fee - Bronze and Silver $95, and Gold $125 (inc GST)

The Banqer Classroom registration $40

The National office also has the discretion of offering Adventurous Journey assistance of up to $250 (inc GST).

The Process

  1. The participant will need to register for the relevant level on the ORB –
  2. The Award Leader will apply for financial support using the online application form.
  3. All forms of assistance are to be requested in advance, no refunds will be made for registrations fees and adventurous journey costs that have already been paid by Award Unit and/or parent.
  4. Assistance will be approved based on condition that the participant meets the criteria of the Award for the various level (Bronze, Silver or Gold).
  5. Payment for Assistance will only be made to Registered Award Units or AAP's.
  6. On approval of the participant assistance (please anticipate a 48 hour turnaround time for approval notification), National Office will mark the ‘Payment status’ of the participants online record book as ‘$xx assistance granted’ and notify the Award Leader of this approval.

    a) If full assistance is granted, then the Award Leader may approve the online record book.

    b) If part assistance is granted, the Award Leader will need to inform the participant to pay the balance of the fee in order to have his/her online record book approved, only then will the Award Leader approve the registration. (Note: This relates to Award Units who have opted for participants to pay National Office directly).

    c) If the Award Unit wishes to be invoiced for the fee, then on confirmation of the approved assistance granted, the Award Leader can approve the registration and the invoice will follow at the next invoicing cycle.

    d) All Adventurous journey assistance granted will be paid on the 20th of each month into the bank account of the registered award unit and/or AAP.

    There is an expectation that a participant receiving assistance will
    – Make every attempt to complete the Award the registration supported.
    – Complete the Bronze and Silver level provided with assistance within 12 months.
    – Complete the Gold level provided with assistance within 24 months.

Online Application Form
To be completed by the Award Leader.


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