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Grants & Financial Assistance

There are a range of grants and financial assistance available to support your Award journey.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award Participant Assistance Fund

Your Award Leader can apply to the Participant Assistance Fund on your behalf, please speak to them first.

The Participant Assistance Fund has been set up to:

  1. Provide support for participants enrolling to do the Award who find the fee is a barrier.
  2. Offer limited support, on a case by case basis, for Adventurous Journey support.
  3. On a case by case basis we may be able to support in other areas to help a participant complete their Award.
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FMC's Youth Award Grant

FMC provides cash grants of up to $200 to support Adventurous Journeys. A full list of criteria and information about the application process, is included on their application form.

There are four rounds each year closing on 15 March,  15 June, 15 September and 15 November.

See fmc.org.nz/youthawardgrant/ for more info.

Social Nature Movement

The Social Nature Movement has funding available to help participants pay for their Adventurous Journeys.

Contribution amounts are as follows:

  • AJ training ($50)
  • Bronze Practice ($150) and Qualifier ($250)
  • Silver Practice ($125) and Qualifier ($200)
  • Gold Practice ($100) and Qualifier ($150)

Enquire through their website 

Spirit of Adventure

Spirit of Adventure have a range of scholarships to support a diverse range of participants.


Outward Bound

Outward Bound provides partial and full scholarships for participants between 18 – 26 years old.


Brave Thinkers

Rotary Clubs across the country are continuing to partially support participants who choose to attend the Brave Thinkers event. We encourage you to approach local Rotary Clubs to apply for sponsorship.


Local Grant Opportunities

There may be local community grant opportunities in your area. These could include Rotary, Lions Clubs or Council Grants. To learn more about these opportunities, get in touch with the group in your area.


DIY Fundraising Ideas

There are many ways you can fundraise to support your Award journey, such as:

  • Mitre10/Bunnings/Supermarket sausage sizzles
  • Raffle boards
  • Give a Little/crowdfunding pages
  • Busking
  • Movie nights (contact your local cinema to see if they offer a fundraising option)
  • Quiz Nights
  • Fundraising Auctions
  • Carwash
  • Chocolate bar fundraisers (Cadbury, Whittakers)
  • Sponsorship events E.g: walkathons, spelling bees, fundraising auctions.
  • Local business sponsorship; If you have a relationship with a local business, they may be interested in supporting your journey.