Adventure Specialties Trust

At Adventure Specialties, we believe that every person has untapped potential waiting to be discovered. We’re interested in investing in people’s lives so they can leave these spaces feeling empowered — with new courage to take control of their lives and relationships. We know they’ve got it in them. We develop “life” adventurers with courageous hearts.

Adventure Specialties Trust runs the Adventurous Journey section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award. With bases in both Auckland and Christchurch, Award participants from around Aotearoa are welcome to join their Adventurous Journeys.

Vision | Te Whāinga Matua

Adventure Specialties prides itself on the relational, ‘down to earth’ approach that we take with each of our participants to meet each individuals where they’re at, to understand the combination of these needs in a group setting and then to tailor a program that will unearth and maximise each the individual and collective potential. The goal? So that every individual expands their horizons, conquer their fears, develops in confidence and becomes their unique version of an ‘everyday hero’.

Purpose | Te Koronga

Supporting individuals to conquer their fears, develop confidence and become their unique version of an everyday hero.