Boys’ Brigade

Boys’ Brigade in New Zealand in partnership with churches and local youth ministries around New Zealand has been a foundational youth movement in New Zealand for over 130 years. Boys’ Brigade life coaches young people by providing positive role models who lead fun-filled, weekly activities within a balanced programme that is both skills and values-based.

If you attend Boys Brigade, your programme activities may count towards your Award. Boys Brigade have active Award Units in Ashburton, Howick, Wellington, Upper South Island and Tauranga, so if you live in those areas you may be able to connect with a Boys Brigade Award Leader. You can only claim Recognition of Prior Learning (RPA) if you are doing your Award through one of Boys Brigade’s Award Units.

If you are not based in these areas, you can still use your Boys Brigade activities towards your Award. You will need to provide your Award Leader with information on how your programme activities meet criteria for your Award sections and find an adult at Boys Brigade to be your Assesor.

Note that the requirements of the Award must be met, so you may need additional activity time to complete your Award. This could be in the activity you are already doing and/or another activity.