New Zealand Business Week Brave Thinkers

New Zealand Business Week is about building Brave Business Leaders. It’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s for anyone that’s ever been interested in business or had a business idea. 

During the intensive one-week programme, students are encouraged to be bold in their thinking, they will learn about new business models, meet other businesspeople and combine academic learning with business decision making. By forming a virtual company, they will make decisions about marketing, personnel and production in order to develop and grow a successful business. The week has a strong emphasis on personal development – confidence, leadership, teamwork – and includes an extensive, supervised, social programme. Students will have fun, meet new people, develop new skills and learn about business from their own discovery and from people who are out there doing it.

New Zealand Business Week is an Accredited Activity Provider for participants to complete their Gold Residential.

Why should you attend:
• You will hear first-hand from national and international businesses people, their start up stories, their challenges, and
advice. You will gain an insight into the modern-day business environment
• You will be inspired
• You will have fun meet life-long friends and build future networks and relationships.
• You will learn about yourself, what makes you tick and how to work within a team.
• You could meet your future boss or learn about a career path you may want to pursue. If you have ever thought about running your own business, don’t miss New Zealand Business Week (NZBW). During Business Week, a project challenge is set, and you will setup a virtual company to undertake that project. This will finish in a Dragons Den environment, where you will sell your idea to investors.

But NZBW is not just a business competition – it provides an environment that encourages and fosters brave thinking. You’ll look at new business models, meet business-people, and be inspired and challenged. Not to mention, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded friends from all over New Zealand. You will be immersed in a fun and challenging environment. You’ll gain an understanding of the realities of starting your own business and you’ll meet other students and business-people.

You’ll take part in workshops, team activities and get advice from real business-people. Not only will you develop new fantastic new skills and relationships, but it also looks great on your CV.
The programme includes identifying personal goals, inspirational speakers, workshops, a team challenge, business coaches and fun activities.

It is structured over six intensive days. The first half of the week centres around exploring and analysing business models and learning about the changing business world. The second half focuses on the team challenge, design-led thinking, tools and marketing.

You’ll be tasked with capturing your day and learning moments via Instagram using the hashtag #bravethinkers. This is not only a fun way to interact with your teammates, but also creates a visual record to include in your CV.

Completing the week is a Dragons Den and review where you and your teammates have the opportunity to sell your business idea. Like anything, you get out what you put in. There are endless benefits to taking part in this programme, with the opportunity to build new friendships, develop confidence and learn about starting a business and being a Brave Thinker.